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Volunteer Fair

The Volunteer Fair is on March 6, 2018 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at 61 Charles Street, second floor. 

A variety of community organizations will be participating and recruiting for current volunteer opportunities. See below for a list and description of participating organizations. 

Admission is free with your Campus ID card. 

Want tips on how to prepare and get the most out of the Volunteer Fair? Check out these information sheets: Professional Etiquette and Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Volunteer.

For more information or questions about the event, please contact Erin McKenney, Career Counsellor or Tinuola Ekuase, Employment Advisor

Participating Community Organizations

  • WINGS Maternity Home
    WINGS Maternity Home provides a safe and warm environment for young pregnant women throughout the journey of their pregnancy up until they are able to live independently. WINGS also provides an independent learning centre called 'Nest' which assists young mothers in meeting their educational goals and working towards a career.
  • United Way Durham Region: Volunteer Durham
    With services provided by United Way Durham Region, Volunteer Durham provides information and volunteer opportunities for individuals seeking volunteer work through their innovative website.
  • Community Development Council Durham
    Community Development Council Durham recognizes development needs within the community and generates relevant policy and programming in relation to such needs. CDCD also provides services to individuals exhibiting great need, such as assisting individuals in maintaining or finding housing, as well as helping individuals transition into Canadian life and education.
  • Lakeridge Health
    Lakeridge Health is one of Ontario's largest community hospitals with sixteen sites throughout Durham Region, four of which are hospitals that encompass emergency rooms. Lakeridge Health provides services ranging from a regional cancer centre, a diabetes management program, to adult and children's mental health services.
  • Region of Durham Hillsdale Estates, Hillsdale Terraces
    Hillsdale Estates opened in 2002 and belongs to a group of four long term care homes. It is owned and operated by the Regional Municipality of Durham. Hillsdale Estates offers residents a number of services including 24-hour access to nursing care, evening and weekend programs, a worship centre, and outdoor areas specific for recreational use, among many other services.
  • Girls Inc. of Durham
    Girls Inc. of Durham provides young girls and women with immersive and exciting programs to aid in their success and well-being. Girls Inc. offers different programs focusing on topics such as body image and self-esteem, violence and bullying prevention, leadership and community action, math, science and technology, healthy sexuality and relationships, peer pressure, substance use prevention, media literacy, financial literacy, physical activity and sports participation as well as literacy and reading enrichment.
  • ThorntonView Long Term Care
    ThorntonView provides an intellectually, emotionally and socially stimulating environment with well-trained staff available to provide personalized care and support to aging individuals in their daily activities. ThorntonView is a part of Revera which is one of North America's renowned providers of care to seniors since 1961.
  • Project: Restore FIBI (Families Impacted By Incarceration)
    Project FIBI provides personal, one-on-one support services throughout each stage of the correctional process, for family members of incarcerated loved ones. Their goal is to solidify and develop the family unit by keeping families intact, positive, strong, and close-knit.
  • Sunrise Youth Group
    Sunrise Youth Group provides recreational and life-skills oriented programs to individuals with special needs in order to create positive, inclusive and warm experiences. Sunrise encourages leadership and creativity among its members and establishes an immersive environment in which families can also contribute.
  • Special Olympics Ontario

    Special Olympics Ontario prides themselves on providing sport-related training and competition to individuals with intellectual disabilities. Through inclusive and educational opportunities provided, individuals learn the necessary skills to strive towards physical fitness, develop and demonstrate courage and ultimately, to experience happiness and friendship within their families, friend groups and the community. 

  • Distress Centre Durham
    Distress Centre Durham teaches individuals to develop the ability to cope when feeling distressed by providing emotional support, crisis, and suicide management and community education. Appropriate service is always ensured within a reasonable timeframe and through the use of understanding and empathetic means.
  • Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences
    Ontario Shores is a public hospital specializing in assessment and treatment services to individuals living with complex or chronic mental illness. Ontario Shores prides themselves on building a basis on compassion, inspiration and hope.
  • Canadian Red Cross
    Canadian Red Cross strives to improve the lives of those feeling vulnerable by empowering individuals and generating an inclusive community. The Canadian Red Cross is one of the leading humanitarian organizations which maintains respect, dignity and inclusiveness towards others.
  • Victim Services of Durham Region
    Victim Services of Durham Region is a not-for-profit service that is partnered with Durham Regional Police, the Ontario Provincial Police and the Ministry of the Attorney General. Victim Services of Durham provides round-the-clock-short term support to victims of crime or traumatizing circumstances. This is done through respectful and compassionate means in which individuals and their circumstances are respected.
  • Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture
    Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture provides individuals with networks of support and education to aid them in overcoming and coping with the damaging effects of torture and exposure to war. CCVT also offers many programs including mental health services, children and violence programs and language and skills training.
  • Durham Children's Aid Society
    Durham Children's Aid Society seeks to establish and maintain the well-being of children and youth within their families and the community. Durham Children's Aid provides many services some of which include the investigation of alleged child abuse and neglect, protection of children and youth when they are at risk of harm and providing adoption services.
  • Downtown Oshawa Board of Management
    Downtown Oshawa Board of Management is the business improvement association for downtown Oshawa. They organize free events in the downtown area as well as the beautification and promotion of designated areas of downtown Oshawa.
  • PFLAG Canada: Durham Region
    PFLAG Durham Region provides support, education and resources on issues of sexual orientation and gender identity/expression for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, two-spirit, intersex, queer, and questioning persons and their families and friends.
  • Community Care Durham - COPE Mental Health Program
    COPE is a community mental health program offering support to adults aged 16 and older, with emotional and/or mental health concerns. Staff and trained volunteers facilitate support, coping skills, educational and social/recreational groups such as: depression, anxiety, stress management, losses, social recreation, and groups for caregivers and family members.
  • Footprints 4 Autism