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We encourage everyone in the UOIT community to get involved in our programs that aim to help eliminate sexual violence at UOIT.

We strive to create a welcoming, inclusive community at UOIT that supports and promotes compassion, equity and respect among our members.  In this way, we condemn any behaviour that perpetuates sexual violence, and through education and preventative programming are working to cultivate a culture on campus where we are all responsible for ensuring that members of our community are safe and healthy in order to reach their full potential.

Creating a Safe Disclosure Space

The goal of this training is to develop effective and supportive responses to survivors who disclose or report having experienced sexual violence in a way that best maintains an individual's dignity and well-being. This session provides:

  • An overview of sexual violence and consent.
  • Advice on how to effectively support a student who has disclosed.
    • What to say, and things to avoid saying.
  • Referring to appropriate supports.
    • What happens after a referral.
  • Confidentiality, and the limitations.
  • Navigating our resource materials.
  • Understanding how to support yourself after a disclosure.
    • Support services available for staff and students who receive disclosures.

Sessions for students will be commencing in September 2017.

If you are a faculty member or staff member at the university and you are interested in attending a future workshop, please email to indicate your interest.

RISE Program (Respecting Individuals and supporting Equity)

RISE: Sexual Violence Prevention is part of the suite of sessions under the RISE Program.

Learn more and to register for an upcoming RISE session.

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