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If you have experienced sexual violence, services are available to support you. Through these services, you will be heard, believed and assisted in going through the options that are available to you. As a discloser, you will be in charge of decisions regarding how you want to address your concerns and will be empowered and supported in any decisions you make.  

You can make an appointment with a Support Worker by calling:


Support Workers provide support to students, staff and faculty at UOIT who have experienced sexual violence by providing a safe and confidential space for disclosing their concerns and obtaining help.

These individuals are experienced counsellors who work out of Oshawa Psychological and Counselling Services and are available to work with individuals to provide support, assistance and accommodations and help address your concerns. They can:

  • Provide therapeutic counselling to those that have been affected by sexual violence
  • Help you understand UOIT's policies, procedures, and reporting options available to you
  • Arrange workplace and/or academic accommodations, including safety planning
  • Provide referrals to other support services, including campus or community counselling, advocacy, and medical services
  • Manage the flow of information between departments and offices

Appointments can be held by phone or in person on campus or at the offices of Oshawa Psychological Services as you prefer.  You may ask to make an appointment with any one of the following counsellors:

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