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Student sexual violence policy

On December 7 2016, the UOIT Board of Governors approved a new Policy on Sexual Violence for Students and Procedures for Responding to Incidents of Sexual Violence.  

This Policy affirms UOIT’s ongoing commitment to maintaining a healthy and safe environment for work and study by providing support and assistance to those who may have experienced an act of sexual violence, and by condemning any act that perpetuates or reinforces sexual violence.  Through education and preventative programming we strive to create a culture that is characterized by respect and inclusion, and where individuals are empowered to intervene in situations where sexual violence has taken or may take place.

This Policy is the result of substantial consultation with the UOIT community over many months. These consultations included focus groups, individual consultations, and townhalls, as well as meetings with various committees and working groups.  The final versions of the policy were also posted online for comment.  We are indebted to all those who took the time to provide feedback and suggestions that were incorporated into the final draft.

The effectiveness of the Policy will be assessed by UOIT’s Healthy Sexuality Committee on an ongoing basis.  Members of the community are invited to provide feedback and suggestions on its improvement to the Committee for its consideration at any time.  Amendments arising from this review will be brought forward to the UOIT Board of Governors in May each year.  Comments and suggestions may be sent to     

UOIT’s Healthy Sexuality Committee oversees process of eliciting feedback and assessing the effectiveness of the Sexual Violence Policy and its associated programming and training.  The results of Committee’s work is brought forward to the UOIT Board of Governors in May each year, which may include a summary of programming and activities related to the implementation of the Policy and recommendations for further amendments to the Policy where applicable.  Community members are invited to provide feedback and suggestions on the Policy at any time for consideration by the Committee.  Comments and suggestions may be sent to     

If you would like further information about the Healthy Sexuality Committee or are interested in contributing to its work, please contact:       

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