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Student responsibilities

  • Register with the Student Accessibility Services to discuss with a disability advisor your need for accommodations. Together you will determine whether an accommodation will enhance your ability to successfully meet the requirements of a course.
  • Allow sufficient time to put those accommodations in place.
  • Attend all classes.
  • Be an integral part of developing an appropriate accommodation plan for each semester.
  • Contact Student Accessibility Services if you need to cancel or reschedule a meeting with your disability advisor.
  • Inform your disability advisor of any changes related to your disability, your courses, or your test or exam schedule. Likewise, if you drop a course for which exam accommodations have been arranged, please let your disability advisor know.
  • Maintain contact with your disability advisor throughout the school year. Remember to reach out when you need help or when problems arise.
  • Meet with instructors as needed to discuss your accommodations.
  • Provide recent psychological or medical documentation from a regulated health profession, which specifies your disability and/or restrictions.
  • Use your UOIT email account for communication with our staff and your faculty. This is for your own safety and privacy.
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