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Faculty Resources

This page is for faculty resources to help with interacting with exam accommodations and the Test Centre.
  • Test/Midterm guidelines

    It is the student's choice to write a quiz, test, midterm, or final exam with their class or in the Test Centre.
    Students must book with the Test Centre at least seven days prior to the test date.

    Faculty should be aware of the process for supporting students using the Test Centre:

    • You will receive an automatic email confirmation for each student test booking.
    • Complete the invigilation form in full, and attach the form to the hard copy of the student’s test. This information will be used by the invigilator to administer your test.
    • Deliver the appropriate number of hard copies and other materials (e.g. scantrons, exam booklets, formula sheets) to the corresponding Test Centre office at least three business days prior to the scheduled test.
      • North Oshawa location courses - Test Centre is located in the Gordon Willey Building, B-wing, Room B291C
      • Downtown Oshawa location courses - Test Centre is located at 61 Charles Street, 2nd Floor, Room DTA 225
    • Faculty are required to provide an electronic copy when it's required to produce an alternate format.
    • Electronic copies of the test must be submitted to the Test Centre by email at least three business days prior to the scheduled test. This allows sufficient time for SAS staff to complete the conversion of the test into an accessible format.
    • Faculty can return to the Test Centre to pick up their tests once all students have finished writing.

    Faculty are strongly encouraged to visit their students during the test or exam in the Test Centre to address any questions or concerns students may have.

  • Final exam guidelines