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Student testimonials

Here’s how students describe what the Aboriginal Resource Centre at UOIT has given them:

  •  “The centre gives me a sense of belonging, and a family that gives me support. It allows me to express my thoughts, feelings, and everyday experiences with others. It gives me a place where I feel comfort, and allows me to do my daily tasks with school in a quiet, peaceful place. Without the counsellors, I don't know if I would still be going to school, or be in the great position I'm in now. The ARC is my rock!...Our Counsellors help us with anything and everything that we ask of them…I am able to come in and chat with them about things such as family, life, school, and just anything that is on my mind.” Bailley Taylor, Ojibway, from Curve Lake First Nation, third year Criminology student
  • “The ARC allows me to sit down in a comfortable study area with new friends while providing me with a comfortable environment to complete assignments and assigned readings. In a nutshell I view the ARC as my home away from home. I always feel welcome, happy, focused and like I can achieve whatever I put my mind to. I genuinely feel that without the aid of the ARC and the people in it I would not be doing as well as I am in school right now with as little stress as I have.” Lucien Henderson, Métis, Oshawa, third  year Kinesiology student
  • “This centre means a lot to me! It gives me the inside scoop on all the funding opportunities like bursaries and scholarships.  A couple months ago I received free tickets for my daughter and I to attend the Pow Wow in Toronto. I get invited to many social events and workshops that promote friendships, community and cultural objectives. This resource centre is a symbol to me, as a First Nations person that I am valued and celebrated here at UOIT and furthermore my culture is not forgotten and that is most important to me.” Angela Nagy, Algonquin, Migisi Odenaw, first year Criminology student
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