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Campus involvement

Getting involved on campus can be a rewarding experience. You can meet new people, develop personal and professional skills, apply learnings from the classroom, create a well-rounded university experience, and can result in a comprehensive Involvement Record that may be used when applying for job opportunities or post-graduate school. There are four main ways to get involved:

  1. Clubs & Societies are student-led groups coordinated by the Student Association. Clubs can centre around any special interests from arts and drama to spirituality and culture. Societies are student-led groups that are more academic in focus and based on your faculty or program. 
  2. There are various levels of sports teams you can join on campus. Varsity teams compete against other university teams. Intramural teams are casual, all-levels, play on-campus and compete regularly against other UOIT intramural teams in the same sport. Extramural teams are casual, all-levels, and play off-campus against other universities extramural teams in the same sport.
  3. University departments are often seeking volunteers for event support or student representatives for committees. 
  4. Additional trainings and professional development opportunities are offered occasionally on campus. They are a great opportunity to add specialized skills to your resume and Involvement Record.
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