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Student Life Awards of Recognition

The UOIT Student Life Awards of Recognition acknowledge and celebrate students who demonstrate exemplary leadership practices that align with UOIT’s values:

Leadership practices 

  1. Community building: Student leaders develop or assist in the development of stronger relationships within and/or between segments of the UOIT community. Through community building practices, they foster lasting connections and collaborative practices between peers, groups and/or team members.
  2. Respect: Student leaders respectfully acknowledge and appreciate those whose perspectives or backgrounds may be different from their own. They also encourage others to do the same and influence equitable practices within the UOIT community.
  3. Accountability (ethics): Student leaders exemplify dependability and accept personal accountability in their leadership. They incorporate ethical reasoning into their actions and work to uphold transparent practices.
  4. Innovation: Student leaders integrate their creative perspective to build upon, inspire, shape and/or produce inventive ideas that surpass expectations. They formulate new approaches and consider alternative solutions to existing problems or processes.

UOIT Student Leadership Awards and the President's Award of Excellence in Student Leadership

The leadership practices listed above have been translated into the four award categories for the UOIT Student Leadership Awards. Undergraduate, graduate or professional students can be nominated by the university's students, faculty or staff for any award.

Four students will be honoured each year, one in each of the four award categories.

In addition to the UOIT Student Leadership Awards, the President’s Award of Excellence in Student Leadership recognizes two students who, in their current degree program, have demonstrated the leadership practices listed above during their time at UOIT. Two President's Awards of Excellence in Student Leadership are presented each year, one to a student graduating at the undergraduate level and one to a student at the graduate studies level.

Want to nominate* a student? View the criteria/eligibility requirements for the...

*Eligible nominators include other UOIT students, faculty and staff; outside nominations and self-nominations will not be considered.

The nomination period for 2015/2016 will open on Monday, April 4, 2016.

Please email any inquiries to Sara Weales, Student Development Specialist, Campus and Community Engagement.

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