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President's Award of Excellence in Student Leadership

President's Awards of Excellence in Student Leadership 

Students nominated for this award:

  • Should exemplify dependability and accept personal accountability in their leadership;
  • Should incorporate ethical reasoning into their actions and work to uphold transparent practices;
  • Should develop or assist in the development of stronger relationships within and/or between segments of the UOIT community;
  • Should foster connections and collaborative practices between peers, groups and/or team members through their community building practices; 
  • Should have a creative impact on their leadership initiatives;
  • should build upon, inspire, shape, or produce inventive ideas that surpass expectations in their leadership roles;
  • Should create new approaches and consider alternative solutions to existing problems or processes;
  • Should respectfully acknowledge and appreciate the perspectives and backgrounds of others and encourage others to do the same;
  • Should influence equitable practices within the UOIT community.  
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