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First semester

Starting their first semester at university is one of the biggest transitions students experience. They are studying in much larger classes, being introduced to high-tech teaching methods, navigating new academic expectations, meeting new people and learning to manage their schedules independently. This is an exciting time, but also a time filled with change.

Students may be:

  • Feeling excited: The beginning of their university career presents countless opportunities for students to expand their knowledge, get involved and explore a new environment.
  • Experiencing homesickness: Students are often living away from home for the first time and sometimes living with new roommates. This transition can be difficult for students.
  • Introduced to new cultures and diverse communities: UOIT’s growing number of international students adds a rich cultural texture to the campus community. Student have the opportunity to learn from other students who come from many different backgrounds.
  • Feeling overwhelmed: University students are expected to balance increased responsibilities and expectations with greater freedom and choice.
  • Making new friends: Students are meeting many new people and may be able to connect more easily with others with similar personalities and interests. 
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