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Mentorship programs

We have a number of different mentorship programs here to support you! Below you will find more information, including how you can join, and who you can contact if you have any questions.

General program (any current, undergraduate student can join as a mentee, or apply to be a mentor)

UOIT Student Mentorship Program

Specialized population mentorship support:

Accessibility Services (through the UOIT Student Mentorship program)

First-year students with a permanent registered disability will be matched with a senior student who either has a disability or who has a special interest in mentoring a student with a disability. Training for Peer Mentors will commence over the summer and continue throughout the year.

Peer Mentors are a valuable contact for first year students, to help ease the transition into a successful start at UOIT. Students with disabilities may have an added challenge and will appreciate having a peer who can support and guide them.

If you have any questions about joining (as a mentee), please contact Wendy StevensAccessibility Program Co-ordinator.

To ensure you get matched with a mentor who will help you succeed at UOIT, please fill out a Student Profile.

Please note that mentoring will commence in January 2017.

Women in Engineering (for women in undergraduate Engineering programs)

The primary goal of the Women in Engineering Peer Mentorship Program is to support the personal and academic development and achievement of students in the Automotive, Electrical, Manufacturing, Mechanical, Software and Nuclear Engineering programs. 

As a new female engineering student you will be partnered with an upper-year peer mentor. This experience will give you the opportunity to learn about the university community and its resources, and to develop positive experiences inside and outside of the classroom. Regular one-on-one, small-group and large-group activities and events will take place each month, facilitated by your peer mentors and staff from the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science. 

If you’re interested in learning more about or joining the Women in Engineering Peer Mentorship Program, please contact Brittany McFarlane.

StAMP: Student-alumni mentorship (for current, upper-year students who want to connect with alumni)

The Student-Alumni Mentorship Program (StAMP) aims to help upper-year students and alumni create a mentee-mentor partnership focused on career-path advice, guidance on future educational development and a general sharing of knowledge.

For more information, including how to join the program, check out the StAMP website.

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