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Faculty and staff

Working with the Career Centre

The UOIT Career Centre staff would be happy to collaborate with you and your colleagues to organize career and professional development events and activities that can be tailored to the meet the specific needs and learning outcomes for specific groups of students. We strive to organize activities, such as workshops, career panel events, information and recruitment sessions and job fairs that will provide students with degree and/or industry-specific information and strategies.

At the Career Centre, we appreciate the unique relationship you have with your students. We would be happy to collaborate with your department so that together, we can support UOIT students and help them find their unique career path.

What can we do?

Visit your classes and work with you on special programs or workshops

We are often invited to come to classes to present or facilitate workshops about career and employment issues, and/or to offer special workshops and panel events with employers on career options for specific disciplines/majors. Please let us know if you’d like us to prepare a panel or workshop for your students.

Work with you to connect your students with industry recruiters

We frequently meet with industry recruiters, and many of them are interested in getting to know more about UOIT faculty, or in giving talks about their research and technologies. Please let us know if you would be interested in such collaborations so we can make those connections when the opportunities present themselves.

What can you do?

Participate in our career education programs and panels

We often host a wide range of panel events and workshops each year with students of all faculties at the undergraduate and graduate level. If you are interested in participating, we would certainly welcome your insight and expertise.

Suggest topics for Career Centre events or workshops

If you have ideas about career-related topics that you think would be of value to students in relation to their employability skills or industry trends, please let us know. We are always looking for new ideas for workshops or events that will help students be successful in their future careers. 

Meet employers interested in hiring your students

From time to time employers express interest in meeting with faculty. If you would be interested in meeting with employers, please let us know and we’ll be sure to contact you when someone will be coming to campus.

Encourage your students to use the services of the Career Centre

Many students look to their professors and academic advisors for direction and guidance on what to do next.

Please encourage your students to visit the UOIT Career Centre website and use our programs and services, in particular the career development workshops. Students can book an appointment to meet with an employment advisor, career counsellor or the internship and co-op co-ordinator (FEAS, FESNS and FSci). The Career Centre team is experienced in a wide range of career and employment issues, and we are eager to help prepare students for success at all stages of their careers.

Encourage your industry contacts to post their employment or internship opportunities with the Career Centre

We offer employers (local, national and international) the opportunity to post their employment and/or volunteer positions free of charge. Employers may take advantage of our other recruitment services and learn more about the best ways to raise their profile with our students.

Working together, we can ensure UOIT students will get the best preparation possible to obtain work, and succeed in industry careers and graduate or professional studies.

Hire a student

Hiring UOIT students or young alumni on a full-time, part-time or summer basis is a great way for them to gain insight and experience in the working world. Please post your positions through the University Works Program or our Student Experience Portal.

Alumni involvement

Encourage alumni to use the services of the Career Centre

Alumni are welcome to use the services of the Career Centre in the early stages of their career to help them refine their job search or explore new opportunities. Alumni can book an appointment with a career counsellor or employment advisor to assist in that process.

Identify alumni who want to participate in career workshops or speaker events

Our alumni are often engaged as panelists and guest speakers at career events, and their advice and insights are highly valued by our students. If you know of recent graduates from your program who you think would be good speakers, please tell us about them and we’d be glad to include them in upcoming events.

Student Life

The Office of Student Life is built on a partnership model that brings together services to enrich the student experience in a variety of ways.

In addition to the Career Centre, we also work very closely with:

  • Athletics and Recreation
  • Health Centre
  • Student Accessibility Services
  • Student Experience Centre
  • Student Learning Centre

Please take the time to review our other student life services at

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