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What is internship?

Internship work terms are normally 12 or 16 months long and usually start in May, September or January. Students can participate at the end of the third year of a four-year undergraduate degree program, or at the end of the third or fourth year if enrolled in a five-year undergraduate degree program. The extended work term provides an opportunity to take on long-term projects and integrate fully as a contributing member of a team.

What is co-op?

The term co-op normally applies to a three- or four-month work term, usually served in the summer period between years of undergraduate study. Academic prerequisites vary by faculty. Back-to-back co-ops of eight months may be served with the same company, or with two separate employers. In a co-op term, a student will acquire an appreciation of company culture and management structure and have the chance to apply academic theory in a practical setting.

Why consider internship or co-op?

  • Clarify career direction and define employment goals.
  • Develop a valuable network and build confidence in interacting with employers.
  • Earn money to offset costs of education and reduce debt load.

  • Enhance your résumé by acquiring relevant technical and employability skills.
  • Explore future employment potential.
  • Gain industry experience in a chosen field.
  • Increase motivation to learn and better understand significance of course material.
  • Strengthen your skills through practical application.

Faculties that offer work experience opportunities include:

  • Faculty of Business and Information Technology - internship and capstone
  • Faculty of Education - field experience
  • Faculty of Energy Systems and Nuclear Science - co-op and Internship
  • Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science - co-op and internship
  • Faculty of Health Sciences - Medical Laboratory Science Clinical and Nursing Professional Practice
  • Faculty of Science - co-op
  • Faculty of Social Science and Humanities - Criminology practicum
Internship program information for FEAS, FSci and FESNS students

The Faculty of Energy Systems and Nuclear Science (FESNS), Faculty of Science (FSci) and the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science (FEAS) offer optional internship and co-op programs that are administered in partnership with the Career Centre. Applicants for internship should be completing Year 3 of a four-year undergraduate degree, or Year 4 of a five-year undergraduate degree. Students must be in good academic standing with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.3. Full-time students are permitted to apply for co-op from the end of year one as long as they can demonstrate that they meet the eligibility requirements of a cumulative GPA of 2.3 with no core subjects missing. A fee of $550 per semester is applied when students are enrolled in internship or co-op. This fee is subject to change, without notice, based on UOIT Board approval. Successful completion of internship or co-op results in a transcript notation and does not impact a student’s GPA. For more information, please visit or

  • Login to search for internship and co-op opportunities.
Program benefits and fees
What’s the process?
  1. Meet with the internship co-ordinator to discuss your options. It’s never too soon to start thinking about internship or co-op.
  2. Get familiar with the Co-op and Internship portal (login required) and check regularly for program related opportunities in the UOIT Internship and Co-op section. Internships can be posted as early as November or December and summer co-op postings generally start to appear in February.
  3. Sign up for a Preparing for Internship and/or Co-op Workshop offered in the fall term. Complete an Internship/Co-op Application Form to signify your interest.
  4. Book an appointment with a Student Experience Centre advisor for a resumé and cover letter critique. Learn how to tailor your application for a specific company or position.
  5. Apply for relevant internship or co-op positions by following the protocol identified in the posting. This may involve combining your cover letter, resumé and grade report in an attached file and forwarding it to UOIT or directly to the recruiter.
  6. Book a mock interview appointment to give yourself a competitive edge. Students selected for interviews may be contacted by the employer or through the Career Centre.
  7. Forward copies of letters of offer and acceptance to the Career Centre and book an appointment to meet with the internship co-ordinator to complete a UOIT Internship/Co-op Agreement Form.
  8. Attend a mandatory Internship/Co-op Success Workshop prior to the start of the internship or co-op work term.
What else do you need to know?

Students accepting offers of internship and co-op must agree to:

  • Withdraw from all other current co-op and internship competitions and refrain from applying to any further internship or co-op positions available during the term of the signed contract.
  • Remit payment of the internship/co-op administration fee ($550 per semester) to the university's Accounting department upon notification of the invoice.
  • Return to UOIT on a full-time basis upon completion of the internship or co-op to continue their intended degree programs.
Please note:
  • As of January 1, 2013, students participating in an internship or co-op are not eligible to enrol in part-time credit courses at UOIT or another institution while on a work term.
  • Laptops are not required for internship or co-op.
  • Recipients of OSAP or other student loans on work terms longer than six months will be required to start loan re-payment. Participation in optional internship may affect eligibility for in-course scholarships.
  • Students participating in internships and in fall co-ops are considered part-time students, according to the university.
  • Students participating in internships or fall co-ops are not eligible for UOIT Student Union (USU) health insurance for the work-term period. However, students who have previously opted out of the USU insurance may be able continue to access family coverage throughout their work terms.
How can Career Services help?

We can help you:

  • Complete the necessary documentation.
  • Locate relevant internship and co-op opportunities.
  • Prepare to market yourself with confidence at the interview stage.
  • Tailor your resumé and cover letter.
  • Transition smoothly from school to work.

For more information, contact Anne Coulby, Co-op and Internship Co-ordinator.

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