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Resumés and cover letters

Resumé and cover letter resources

According to a recent survey, employers spend approximately six seconds the first time they look at your resumé. We can help you create effective, tailored documents for your job search.

Top five resumé and cover letter tips

  1. Consider which skills you have to offer an employer.
  2. Review job descriptions carefully to see what the individual employer is seeking.
  3. Use a resumé format that best links your skills to the needs of employers using evidence-based statements.
  4. Tailor each resumé and cover letter.
  5. Check, double-check and triple-check your documents to make sure there are no spelling, grammatical or typographical errors.

Online resources

In person

Are you looking for one-one feedback on a resumé or cover letter you’ve created? You can log in to the Portal and set up an appointment with an employment advisor or co-op co-ordinator. Please bring a copy of your resumé or cover letter and a copy of a job description (if you have one).

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