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Campus Connected

campus connected hands-linked symbol

Listen - Care - Help

Join the movement.  Register below for a Campus Connected session.

What is it?

  • A movement to connect the people who make up our campus
  • An attitude of caring and kindness
  • Listening with empathy and without judgement   

Who is it for?

Students, Faculty, Staff and Community.

How can I join the movement?

  • Register below and attend a Campus Connected session.
  • Display the Campus Connected symbol (see the following examples)
  • Be available to Listen, Care and Help others

campus connected logo on a laptop     campus connected logo on a door

campus connected symbol by a nametag     campus connected symbol on a backpack

What does displaying a symbol of Campus Connected mean?

It means that the person displaying it:

  • Cares about you
  • Will listen to you
  • Will try to help you

What is it not?

It is not professional counselling support for distressing and crisis situations. In these situations, refer to professionals (details about how and where to refer are in Campus Connected sessions). 

Why is Campus Connected important?

Lack of social connection is a common theme that contributes to challenges experienced by university students. Students in need of connection feel profound loneliness, isolation, shame and fear of being judged negatively. Similarly, lack of connection also contributes to staff and faculty’s compromised well-being.

How would I benefit from becoming involved with Campus Connected?

Supporting others benefits the helper. Voluntarily giving help to others protects our overall physiological health and emotional well-being.

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