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About Us

The University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) is committed to facilitating accommodations for students with disabilities in the university community. All students must satisfy the essential requirements for courses and programs, therefore, accommodations and services related to the student’s disability needs are available at both UOIT locations. These services are offered through the department of Student Life’s Student Accessibility Services.

Reasonable academic accommodation may require members of the university community to exercise creativity and flexibility in responding to the needs of students with disabilities while maintaining academic standards. It becomes the responsibility of the student to identify to the university their needs requiring accommodation.

Student Accessibility Services will support students with disabilities who require accommodations as legally required by the Ontario Human Rights Code.

SAS has two locations to best serve its students. At the North location, the office is located in the Student Life building. For students registered in the Faculty of Education or the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities at the downtown Oshawa location, the office is located on the second floor of 61 Charles Street, in DTA 225.

Supports may include, but are not limited to, alternative testing arrangements, FM hearing systems, note takers, training and access to computers and adaptive software, alternative text formats, interpreters, counselling, and learning strategies instruction.

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