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Online services

Student Accessibility Services (SAS), which serves students with disabilities at both the north and downtown Oshawa locations, has most of its services online. The faculty portal provides faculty members with access to individual student accommodation information and direct access to upload tests and exams. In addition, it makes it easier for our students to sign up for tests and note-takers. For more information, contact Student Accessibility Services via email or at ext. 3266.

The following can be found in the faculty portal:

Accommodation letters

Accommodation letters outline how the student in your class is to be accommodated for his/her disability. These letters can be printed by the student or emailed directly to the faculty member by SAS. You will also be able to log into the portal to review your students’ accommodation letters.

Scheduling tests and final exams

Using the new online portal, faculty members will upload tests and exams directly to SAS.

  • Faculty members should log into the portal and schedule their tests as soon as possible. Once the tests are scheduled, students with disabilities are able to sign up for them.
  • At least three days before the test date, faculty members will log into the portal, fill in the online form and upload the test or exam. The portal automatically generates reminder emails for your assistance.

Please note: SAS requires the test a minimum of three days prior to the scheduled test date to ensure all formatting and staffing requirements are met.

Uploading tests and exams

    1. Go to the faculty portal
    2. Select Go to Schedule.
    3. Login using your network login and password (not your Blackboard password).
    4. Once logged in, select Courses and then Tests and Exams for the appropriate section. Enter the date of your first test under the Tell us about an upcoming test and select Add this test
    5. Test/Exam information for course/section – Select the correct course/section from the drop-down menu. Make sure to the check the This is a final exam box only if it is a final exam.
    6. The Date of the test should already be populated from the previous screen. If it is not, then add it again. Enter the time that the class will start the test.
    7. The clock times are set at fifteen minute intervals, so enter the time manually if the presets do not match your class/end times. Enter the time by which the class must end the test. This is the end of the class period or at whatever time you designate that all students must stop writing. Extended time at Disability Services will be based on this information. Select Next.
    8. Students scheduled to-date for Course/Section – Review the students who have already scheduled tests for this class (this may be blank depending on whether students have signed up yet or not). Once the test information has been submitted you will be able to check back to see if any students have signed up for it. You will also receive automated reminders via email seven days and two days in advance of each test date. Select Next.
    9. Test Information for Course / Lecture – Check the appropriate boxes for the Materials Authorized and the Test Format and provide any additional information/instructions in the Instructor Comments box. Check Unknown if you are not yet aware of the Test Format. Please note: Students will see any comments written in the Instructor Comments box.
    10. Confirm exam details for Course/Section – Review the information provided on this screen.
    11. If anything is incorrect, select Previous to make the correction.
    12. If your exam is ready, upload it to the portal. Follow the instructions under File upload. This will go directly from your computer to our server and cannot be intercepted by an email sniffer.
    13. You may print this information by selecting Please print a copy for your records.
    14. Select Submit changes to submit the test information. You may select the Cancel button at any time prior to submitting the changes.

For more information, please contact or ext. 3266.

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