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Faculty Portal Overview

Student Accessibility Services (SAS) has many of its services online. The Faculty Portal provides student accommodation information and direct access to upload tests and exams.

Faculty SAS Portal Login Instructions (PDF)



  • Review Notices of Accommodation for students enrolled in your courses.
  • Schedule upcoming tests and exams including details such as tools permitted during the exam.
  • Upload electronic copies of your tests and exams.
  • Complete the Test Centre Cover Sheet for each test or exam.


  • Notices of Accommodation

    Notices of Accommodation outline how the student in your class is to be accommodated for their disability. These notices can be printed by the student or emailed directly to the faculty member by SAS. You will also be able to log into the Faculty Portal to review your students’ Notices of Accommodation.

  • Scheduling Tests and Exams

    Using the new online portal, faculty members will upload tests and exams directly to SAS.

    • Faculty members should log into the portal and schedule their tests as soon as possible. Once the tests are scheduled, students with disabilities are able to sign up for them.
    • At least three days before the test date, faculty members will log into the portal, fill in the online form and upload the test or exam. The portal automatically generates reminder emails for your assistance.

    Please note: SAS requires the test a minimum of three days prior to the scheduled test date to ensure all formatting and staffing requirements are met.

  • Uploading Tests and Exams
    More information coming soon.

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