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Exam conflicts

Sometimes a student experiences a conflict with scheduled tests or exams, usually for one of three reasons:

  • Exam schedules are in direct conflict with psychoeducational recommendations, for example, having no more than one exam in 24 hours
  • Multiple final exams are scheduled in the same 24 hours
  • Two exams overlap because of time extensions

In these situations, the student must:

  • Make the instructor aware of the conflict
  • Make an appointment with the disability counsellor or advisor for further action if necessary

We encourage the student to try to resolve such matters on their own; however, the disability counsellor or advisor will intervene if the student requires assistance to shift, defer or reschedule the exam.

Conflicts for personal (non-disability) reasons are not accommodated by Student Accessibility Services (SAS).

In the case of illness, SAS students must follow the same protocol as all other students. In addition, they must advise the SAS office.

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