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Registration process

To access support through Student Accessibility Services (SAS), students must identify themselves, register and meet with an accessibility advisor or learning strategies counsellor. Together they will determine what accommodations are required and agree on an accommodation plan.

We encourage first-year students to make an appointment with SAS as soon as they are accepted at UOIT, so all the necessary accommodations are in place from the first day of classes. Returning students are required to meet with an advisor or counsellor at the beginning of each semester, to discuss and evaluate the previous accommodation plan and to agree upon one for the upcoming academic session. 

To register with SAS, students must bring in recent and relevant documentation from a certified health-care practitioner in the field to which the disability applies, and must include the functional or cognitive limitations and impact on the student’s academic performance. Multiple disabilities require appropriate documentation for each area.

If you suspect your son or daughter has a disability for which no previous diagnosis has been made, an SAS advisor or counsellor will guide the student through the important steps of securing documentation. 

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