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Fundamental to each student's academic and personal success is the responsibility of being able to both demonstrate self-reliance and identify the needs that require accommodation. Student Accessibility Services (SAS) staff, students, faculty members and sometimes other UOIT staff work collaboratively to meet individual disability related needs.

At the beginning of each school year you will meet with your accessibility advisor or learning strategies counsellor to review your accommodation plan and make any revisions or updates necessary. First-year students are encouraged to register as soon as they receive their letter of acceptance to UOIT. The accommodation plan details the services and supports that will be put in place or made available based on the documentation provided and functional limitations identified. Each plan is unique and tailored to your specific needs.

Possible inclusions in an accommodation plan: 

  • classroom accommodations
  • exam accommodations
  • peer note takers
  • computerized note takers
  • placement or practicum accommodations
  • referral to an SAS assistive technologist
  • referral to an SAS learning strategist
  • referral to other community or university services and supports


  • Can accommodation plans be changed?

    Yes. They are active documents so you and your accessibility advisor or learning strategies counsellor can review or amend your plan whenever appropriate.

  • How often is the plan reviewed?

    At UOIT, the student and the advisor or counsellor review the plan as required to ensure it is still effective. It is important for you to discuss the effectiveness of last year’s plan, even if no changes are required.

  • Who has access to my plan?

    Your plan is confidential and is kept securely in the Student Accessibility Services office. 

    Undergraduate students: Your plan is not shared with any staff or faculty outside of Student Accessibility Services, except under extreme circumstances. In all such cases you will be asked to agree to such a release of information. 

    Graduate students: Student Accessibility Services will share accommodation(s) with appropriate faculty members within your department. The department reviews the individual plan to ensure the course requirements have not been compromised.

  • Are accommodations available for the Spring/Summer term?

    Yes. SAS will support you all year, whenever your classes are scheduled.

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