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Volunteer Note Takers

Student Accessibility Services (SAS) is searching for reliable volunteers to help with note taking this academic year. Note taking is very important to students who experience difficulties taking notes due to a documented disability or medical condition.

About Our Note taking Program

To help get you started, the following note taking orientation video provides a quick introduction to the volunteer note taker program. We strongly recommend that you view the video for some very helpful information.

Volunteer note taking does not mean that the recipient student will not attend classes. Your notes will be used by students who are registered with SAS and whose disability impacts their ability to take notes; they will still be attending class. Note taking is voluntary and anonymous on both sides.


  • Complete the 15 to 20 minute online note taker training module.
  • Attend class regularly and take complete notes
  • Upload notes to the SAS portal preferably within 24 hours (maximum 48 hours) after each class
  • Inform SAS if any problems arise or availability changes, such as you drop a course, miss a lecture, or have technical difficulties.
  • Update your Involvement Record at the end of the year.


  • Your note taking enhances both your and the recipient's probability of completing university.
  • You enhance your own note taking skills and make it easier to prepare for your own tests and exams.
  • You support a fellow student in need.
  • You gain valuable volunteer experience, which will appear on your Involvement Record.
  • Your contributions will be recognized in a Letter of Recognition which is signed by the manager of Student Accessibility Services.
  • Bonus: your name is entered in a draw to win $350 and a UOIT jacket, per semester (fall, winter, and spring-summer).

Your generosity can make the difference between academic success and frustration for the student who benefits. Most volunteers are selected just a few weeks before midterms so please do not be discouraged. We ask you to be patient with this process and continue to take notes on a regular basis so that you are ready to upload when a student needs you.


Sign up on the SAS portal for note takers by logging in with your student number and network password.

Sign Up to be a Volunteer Note taker


If you have any questions or would like more information regarding this program, please contact:

Fotoula Douros
Accessibility Services Coordinator

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