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Volunteer Note takers

Student Accessibility Services (SAS) has an online note-taking service

If you are looking for training, visit the Notetaker Certification training module.

To help get you started, the following video provides a quick orientation to the volunteer note taker program. We strongly recommend that you view the video for some very helpful information.

Note taking is very important to students who are unable to take their own notes. Your generosity can make the difference between academic success and frustration for the student who benefits.  Most volunteers are selected just a few weeks before midterms, please do not be discouraged. We ask that you be patient with this process and continue to take notes on a regular basis.

  • Note taking is an essential service to support students with disabilities.
  • One in 10 students requires assistance with note taking.
  • To ensure academic success, notes should be posted within 24 hours after class (maximum 48 hours)
  • Note taking contributions will be recognized in a Letter of Recognition and updated on your Involvement Record.
  • Note taking is an added benefit to you as it creates study notes for upcoming tests and exams.
  • Note taking improves retention rates.
  • Note taking is voluntary and anonymous.

PLEASE NOTE: Lecture notes you provide/upload are used to supplement notes for students who have note taking support as an accommodation.

Note takers should update their Involvement Record. The activity will stay in pending status until the end of the school year, at which time the student will be asked to verify that you provided notes consistently and in a timely manner.

SAS will validate your co-curricular record and provide you with a certificate or letter of appreciation, if requested. To request a certificate or letter of appreciation, please email with your request. Please include your name, student number and the courses for which you provided notes as a volunteer note taker.

Contact Fotoula Douros at if you have any questions or would like more information regarding this program.

If you are a student who requires a note taker, you must complete the process outlined in the Instructions for requesting a note taker document.

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