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Student Responsibilities


  • Attend all of your classes.
  • Discuss your needs for accommodations with an advisor or counsellor. Together, you will determine whether an accommodation will enhance your ability to successfully meet the requirements of a course.
  • Allow sufficient time to for accommodations to be arranged.
  • Take an active role in developing an appropriate accommodation plan for each semester.
  • Provide recent documentation from a registered health professional which specifies your disability and accommodation needs.
  • Meet with your professors as needed to discuss your accommodations.

Student accessibility services

  • Contact Student Accessibility Services (SAS) if you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment with your advisor or counsellor.
  • Keep your advisor or counsellor informed of any changes related to your disability, courses, and test or exam schedule. Likewise, if you drop a course for which exam accommodations have been arranged, please let your advisor or counsellor know.
  • Maintain contact with your advisor or counsellor throughout the school year.  Remember to reach out for assistance when needed. EMAIL ACCOUNT

  • Check your email account regularly for updates from SAS.
  • For your own safety and privacy, use your email to communicate with staff and faculty.

faculty communication

  • Meet your professors early each term to discuss your disability and accommodation needs.
  • In certain situations, such as when less-common accommodations are recommended,  you may request that your advisor or counsellor contact your professor(s) on your behalf.

At UOIT, we want all students to succeed. Communication is key. If you find you are having difficulty, know that you are not alone. Contact your professor and/or advisor or counsellor for help.

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