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Test Centre accommodations

You and your advisor will determine your accommodations based on the documentation you provide. Changes to the accommodation can be made only with the approval of the advisor. The following is a brief summary of the common accommodations and how Student Accessibility Services (SAS) would implement them.

Use of a computer: Only SAS computers will be used. Unless your accommodation includes considerations for grammar, spelling and punctuation, only the use of WordPad is permitted.

Use of CCTV and adaptive software: These resources are in the Test Centre at all times.

Memory aids or cue sheets: Are permitted only if recommended in a neuropsychological or psychoeducational assessment. It is the student’s responsibility to have memory aids approved by the professor and then given to the advisor prior to the exam.

Listening to music during the exam: This must be a commercially pressed CD and used only on a portable CD player. Bring the new, wrapped CD to the SAS office, where it will be unwrapped and your name written on it. It will stay in the Disability Services office for your exclusive use when you are writing a test or exam.

Breaks and washroom use: Students must be accompanied to and from the washroom. If your accommodation includes a break, you must be accompanied to and from the break area, and an invigilator must remain present.

Longer test time: You may have additional time to complete your test or exam.

Distraction-free area: Student Accessibility Services provides a quieter room in which to write your test or exam.

Earplugs: Are available at the SAS office.

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