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About our Services

Student Engagement and Equity (SEE) endeavors to support students’ positive transition into university, and on-going success and engagement throughout their academic career. SEE works to assist students on their journey of personal and professional development by providing various learning and leadership opportunities that help to build the skills and knowledge necessary for success in university and beyond. 

Student Engagement and Equity

SEE supports students in:
  • Getting the most out of Orientation and their First-Year Experience
  • Getting involved on campus as a UOIT Ambassador
  • Tracking your co-curricular participation on your Involvement Record
  • Accessing information and resources regarding Off-Campus Living
  • Discovering Peer Mentorship and Leadership opportunities
  • Creating a culture of Equity and Inclusivity on campus
  • Connecting with relevant Campus Services and resources

Vision, Mission and Values

  • Vision

    With a foundation in student development theory, Student Engagement and Equity (SEE) empowers students with the skills, knowledge, and experiential opportunities to become engaged citizens that lead with integrity, achieve success through professional development and personal growth, and cultivate collaborative relationships with diverse communities to support a vibrant and inclusive campus culture.

  • Mission

    Guided by the mission, vision, and core values of the University of Ontario Institute of Technology and the department of Student Life, SEE designs and implements comprehensive programs that enhance the overall educational experiences of students. Through the development of, exposure to, and participation in cultural, intellectual, leadership, and social activities on campus, SEE endeavours to meet the co-curricular needs of our diverse student population. This is done through collaborations with students, faculty, and staff, in order to promote purposeful involvement and learning opportunities that:

    • Advance student development and leadership capacity;
    • Connect students to campus resources and initiatives;
    • Support a more inclusive campus culture and enhance equitable practices within the university
    • Increase the overall sense of a welcoming community and belonging at UOIT; and
    • Assist new students to make a successful transition into university
  • Values
    • Accessibility - We strive to understand and mitigate the barriers that exist in higher education that may hinder the success and engagement of students.
    • Equity and accountability - We embrace an openness to being uncomfortable and taking calculated risks. We design and implement programs from an equity-framework.
    • Quality programming - We are committed to being mindful of the ever-shifting needs of students and the development and assessment of opportunities with intentional outcomes.
    • Sense of belonging - We strive to cultivate a sense of community where students develop a strong self-identity and connection to campus life.
    • Student-centred - We value student perspectives and allow space for students to meaningfully contribute to their own learning.

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