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Discrimination and Harassment

UOIT is committed to developing an environment that promotes and supports equity, compassion and respect among all members of the community.  To this end, UOIT has set out Principles of Behaviour in an effort to increase behaviours well-correlated with success and stability, while working to eradicate discrimination, harassment or other violations of the Ontario Human Rights Code. 

If you have experienced discrimination or harassment at UOIT, you can contact the Equity and Inclusivity Advisor for information, referrals and support.  They will listen to your concerns and can help you to review your options to resolution which may include:

  • Coaching you to self-advocate for your rights and work collaboratively to promote fairness and equity  
  • Providing you with advice, information and resources
  • Referring you to a university agent to resolve your concern through mediation, restorative statements and taking steps to prevent further occurrences, or through an investigation and adjudication

For further information contact:

Equity and Inclusivity Advisor

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