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Equity Ambassadors

Equity Ambassador Program and Role

The UOIT Equity Ambassador Program was created in 2016 as a leadership opportunity for students whom are interested in a broad range of equity issues. This program was developed as there was an identified need to centre the voices of students, and allow students to identify the areas for further development in our campus community when it comes to equity and an have the opportunity to develop initiatives, campaigns, and events to engage students on these matters.

The Equity Ambassadors identify their own program outcomes and goals, and each year, approximately 12 students are selected and are split into smaller teams of 3 or 4 students to work on these specific program outcomes. The Equity Ambassadors are supervised and mentored by the Equity and Inclusivity Advisor in their program development process and connect Equity Ambassadors with university resources to enable them to achieve their program goals.

Previous program goals have included:

  • Anti-Islamophobia: to raise awareness about the ways that Islamophobia manifests and is perpetuated
  • Transgender Issues: to increase the safety and comfort of transgender and gender non-conforming students at the university

Recruitment for Equity Ambassadors and other Leadership Opportunities for the 2019-2020 academic year will begin January 2019.

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