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Peer Leader Program

The Peer Leader Program at UOIT looks to foster a culture of inclusivity and support for students during their early transition into the University. This program strives to bring together peers in a network of support, providing students with intentional mentorship and campus community engagement opportunities.


Students who sign-up with the Peer Leader Program will:

  • Be connected with an upper-year student from their faculty
  • Receive on-going support from their Peer Leader from Orientation through to final exams
  • Connect with a Peer Leader to set personal and academic goals
  • Learn how to connect with the university community and enjoy recreational activities on campus
  • Discover the knowledge, skills, and strategies that will support a successful university experience
  • Create meaningful connections with peers and the greater UOIT community


Peer Leaders are trained, upper-year UOIT students from a variety of faculties who specialize in providing support for new and incoming students. Peer Leaders are paired with students based on a set of demographic and values-based information, which helps the Student Engagement and Equity staff to determine suitable matches among incoming and upper-year students. Peer Leaders will encourage students to be engaged, self-advocating learners; both inside and outside the classroom.

Peer Leaders will support students by:

  • Answering general questions about the university and student life
  • Sharing their own experiences in their academic journey
  • Providing relevant referrals to services and resources available on campus
  • Meeting up in-person to chat, hangout, or attend various campus events as a group
  • Offering encouragement and guidance throughout the first-year of university


  1. Students looking to be matched with a Peer Leader complete and submit the brief matching form (below). 
  2. A matched Peer Leader will contact the student through their email account to introduce themselves.
  3. Students will receive on-going check-ins and updates about campus life from their Peer Leader throughout the academic year. 

*NOTE: Students who registered for Ignite Orientation (September) are automatically matched with a Peer Leader. If a student has not yet been contacted by a Peer Leader or Student Engagement and Equity Staff, please email to follow up. 

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