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Campus involvement

Getting involved on campus can be a rewarding experience. You can meet new people, develop personal and professional skills, apply learning from the classroom, and help students to cultivate a well-rounded university experience. 

The University's Involvement Record  (IR) is an official UOIT document that recognizes student's involvement in co-curricular activities throughout their academic career. This document is an asset when applying for professional employment opportunities or graduate school.

Here are some of the key ways UOIT students can get involved on campus:

1. Student Life Leadership 

  • Peer Leader Program, Student Engagement and Equity 
  • Ambassador Program,  Student Engagement and Equity 
  • Equity Ambassador,  Student Engagement and Equity 
  • Note Taking Program, Student Accessibility Services
  • Student Mental Health Advisory Committee, Student Mental Health Services

2. UOIT Clubs and Societies 

All official Clubs and Societies on campus are created by students for students, with the support of the Student Union. Campus Clubs & Student Societies office gives students the tools they need to get involved and offer rewarding social, cultural, and educational opportunities for their members

3. Athletics and Recreational Teams 

There are various levels of sports teams you can join on campus.  Varsity teams compete against other university teams. Intramural teams are casual, all-levels, play on-campus and compete regularly against other UOIT intramural teams in the same sport. Extramural teams are casual, all-levels, and play off-campus against other universities extramural teams in the same sport

4. Volunteering on Campus

University departments are often seeking volunteers for event support or student representatives for committees. Search the Involvement Directory through the Student Life Portal to explore the available opportunities. 

how to add to your involvement record 

1. Log into the Student Life Portal using your student ID number and your MyCampus password

2. Locate the Involvement Record tab on the left and search for your experience. Select your experience and select the achievements that best described what you learned.

3. Add to record. 

4. You will be able to print out your Involvement Record once all experiences have been added and approved.

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