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UOIT Student Mentorship

The UOIT Student Mentorship program supports incoming UOIT students with their transition into their first years at UOIT. Upper-year, trained, faculty-specific mentors will act as guides and referral ambassadors to participants (mentees). UOIT Student Mentors have a variety of unique experiences (ex. First generation, Mature, International and/or Transfer) and involvement on-campus that they are willing to share with their mentees.

Mentors are committed to providing positive guidance to mentees by connecting them to various aspects of the UOIT student experience through either face-to-face meetings or through online communication. Mentors will encourage mentees to be engaged, self-advocating learners; both inside and outside the classroom.

Our program allows the mentee to determine how long they would like to be mentored (by semester or by academic year) and decide how they would like to be connected to their mentor.

If you are looking to get connected with a mentor, please fill out our student profile in the Mentee section of our site.

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