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Student Leadership Opportunities

There are a variety of leadership roles available to students through the Office of Student Life. Getting involved on campus through leadership initiatives and volunteer work can help students to develop important professional skills, foster a sense of community among their peers and contribute to an overall more positive campus culture.   

As leaders on campus, upper year students will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of programs and activities, such as mentoring new and incoming students, volunteering at orientation,  supporting International students as they transition into university or helping to make the university a more equitable and inclusive environment.

Leadership Roles

  • Equity Ambassador


    Equity Ambassadors are students interested in a broad range of human rights issues, including sexism, racism, ableism, transphobia, homophobia, sexual violence and more. The Equity Ambassadors develop and deliver student-led initiatives to promote an equitable living, learning, and working environment for UOIT students. This position is for students interested in collaborative and community engaged learning to gain greater self-knowledge and leadership skills in the realm of equity.

  • International Student Orientation Leader


    International Student Orientation Leaders (ISOLs) are specially trained Orientation Leaders focused on supporting incoming International and Exchange students through their new arrival and transitional needs. ISOLs are vital in creating a welcoming and supportive environment for new students when they are most alone and confused. This is an opportunity to engage with peers in an enriching way by sharing about your own culture and learning about theirs. This role is open to both International and Domestic students.

  • Peer Leader


    Peer Leaders are trained, upper-year UOIT students from a variety of faculties who specialize in providing support for new and incoming students. Peer Leaders are paired with students based on a set of demographic and values-based information, which helps the Student Engagement and Equity staff to determine suitable matches among incoming and upper-year students. Peer Leaders will encourage students to be engaged, self-advocating learners; both inside and outside the classroom.

    Peer Leaders play an integral role in supporting incoming first-year students during Ignite orientation. Peer Leaders enthusiastically welcome new students to the university, help them to get oriented to campus, and are available to their students throughout the year to answer questions, make referrals to campus services, attend campus events, and more! 

  • Senior Peer Leader


    Senior Peer Leaders are upper year students who support and motivate groups of Peer Leaders from their respective academic faculties. Seniors are considered to be the 'leaders of the leaders',  acting as a knowledgeable resource for the volunteers within the program, advising Peer leaders, and reporting on student engagement.  

    Senior Peer Leaders play an integral role in supporting the development and implementation of Orientation programs for first-year undergraduate students, both during Ignite and through the academic year. Senior Peer Leaders are responsible for liaising between Student Engagement and Equity Staff and the Peer Leaders, ensuring that the students registered within the program are receiving up-to-date information about campus life, and feeling connected to the campus community. 

  • UOIT Ambassador

    The Ambassador Program is open to all UOIT students who are looking to get involved on campus at any point during their academic career, from first-years to grad students.  

    As a UOIT Ambassador, students have an opportunity to participate in ongoing leadership development that supports their personal and professional growth. The Ambassador Program consists of 4 levels of leadership development,  wherein students will complete workshops in areas of Communication, Community, Equity, Leadership and Reflection.

    Upon completion of the Level 1 workshops, students will officially become an Ambassador, and be eligible to volunteer at a variety of campus events, such as Open House, Orientation events, and more! 

     Become an Ambassador


Recruitment and hiring processes for the Student Life Leadership Roles for the 2019-2020 academic year will begin in the winter semester, January 2019. Successful candidates with be responsible for completing ongoing training, beginning as early as spring 2019.

Applications Coming Soon 

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