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Student Leadership Awards


Award Criteria

Accountability (Ethics) Award

Students nominated for this award:

  • should exemplify dependabilty;
  • should accept personal accountability in their leadership;
  • should incorporate ethical reasoning into their actions; and 
  • should uphold transparent leadership practices. 

Community Building Award

Students nominated for this award:

  • should develop or assist in the development of stronger relationships within and/or between segments of the UOIT community; and
  • should foster connections and collaborative practices between peers, groups and/or team members.

Innovation Award

Students nominated for this award:

  • should have a creative impact on their leadership initiatives;
  • should build upon, inspire, or produce inventive ideas that surpass expectations in their leadership roles; and
  • should formulate new approaches and consider alternative solutions to existing problems or processes.

Respect Award

Students nominated for this award:

  • should respectfully acknowledging or appreciate the perspectives and backgrounds of others and encourage others to do the same; and
  • should influence or promote equitable practices within the UOIT community.


  • Must be UOIT a student enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate or professional program;
  • Must have a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 2.7 to be considered for an award (undergraduate and professional students);
  • Must have a CGPA of 3.0 to be considered for an award (graduate students).


  • Cannot base a nomination on, and/or include reference to, experiences for which the student received academic credit for (e.g. internship, practicum, course assignment, capstone projects, etc.);
  • Can nominate multiple students for awards;
  • Can nominate the same student for multiple awards (e.g. nominate the same student for the Community Building and Respect Award); and
  • Cannot nominate the same student for the same leadership award multiple times (e.g. nominate the same student for the Community Building Award more than once).

Online Nomination

Nominators complete the online application.

Nominee Screening

Nominees are screened against award requirements (e.g. CGPA minimums).

Initial Application Review

Evaluation Committee made of staff, faculty and students review nomination applications.

Applications are determined to be successful (meet basic award criteria) or unsuccessful (do not meet basic award criteria).

Nominees Contacted

Nominees of successful applications will be contacted and informed of their nominations. Both nominators and nominees will be invited to the Awards Ceremony at this time.

Winners Selected

Evaluation Committee considers both the nomination and the personal statement in the selection of the award winners.  

Winners Contacted

Winners and their nominators are informed.

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