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Workload and grades

Learning at university can be a different experience for students, especially those coming directly from high school.

At university students may be:

  • Studying in much larger classes.
  • Introduced to high-tech teaching methods.
  • Responsible for balancing personal interests and a heavier course load.

The transition to university includes many changes to the academic environment; it is common for students to experience a decline in grades, especially during the initial adjustment period. Students may also be adjusting to an increased workload; though students may have as little as 15 hours of class in a week, they are expected to spend an additional one to three hours on group and individual study for every hour spent in class each week.

Students experiencing difficulty may find it helpful to speak with an academic advisor.

Please note that parents and families will not be notified of a student’s grades, in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA).

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