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Accommodations and meal plans

Applications and acceptance




How do I find out about my student’s progress?

The University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) does not release any information about a student's academic record (including admissions, awards and grades information) to their parent or guardian if that access has not been authorized by the student. The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) prevents the university from releasing personal information to anyone without express consent.

How does my student join the co-op or internship stream?

Our university offers optional co-op and internship opportunities in a wide range of programs. Students are eligible to apply to these streams after Year 1. For more information, please visit the Co-ops and internships page. 

How does my student enrol in the management option for Science or Engineering and Applied Science programs?

This option is offered in several programs in the Faculty of Science, the Faculty of Energy Systems and Nuclear Science, and the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science; students usually apply to the program in their third year of study and complete the additional courses in their fourth year. Links to more information on the management option for each faculty are available below:

What is academic probation?

If a student’s GPA falls between 1.00 and 1.49, he or she will be placed on academic probation. Following this, the student is required to meet with an academic advisor to have his or her course schedule approved. Failing to fulfil the conditions of probation, or a GPA decreasing to below 1.00 will result in suspension. For more information, please visit the Academic standing page.

Accommodations and meal plans

What is a resident advisor?

Resident advisors (RAs) are returning students who live in residence. They:

  • Provide valuable support and guidance to your student.
  • Can help your student transition into the residence.
  • Will plan and implement educational and social programming for students in residence.
  • Are available to advise students on academic or personal issues.
  • Promote a sense of community within the residence.

More information on residence is available at the UOIT Residence website.

What is a community advisor?

A community advisor (CA) is a senior RA who is responsible for not only acting as an RA, but also acting as a liaison between the management and the residents. The CA also provides the residents with additional resources to use for concerns that may arise. More information on residence is available at the UOIT Residence website.

What is a residence academic leader?

Residence academic leaders (RALs) are also part of the RA team. They are available to assist your student with their transition to university with a primary focus on academics. RALs plan and implement educational programming and can advise and assist your student with finding and navigating the resources to further their educational success. More information on residence is available at the UOIT Residence website.

Is my student required to purchase a meal plan if he or she is living in residence?

If your student is living in the South Village Residence, purchasing a meal plan is mandatory; however, it is not mandatory for students living in the Simcoe Village Residence. All mandatory meal plans are paid to the residence. More information on meal plans is available at the Campus Dish website.

Applications and acceptance

How can my student apply to UOIT?

Domestic high school students must apply through the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC). Encourage your student to visit the OUAC website to apply online or to download a paper application (OUAC 101).

International students must apply through OUAC. Encourage your student to visit the OUAC website to apply online or to download a paper application (OUAC 105F).

Part-time applicants (regardless of the semester) may contact the Registrar's office for more information.

Learn more about the application process and requirements for graduate studies.

My student has applied to UOIT; when will he or she find out about acceptance?

Acceptance packages are sent out starting in early January for undergraduate applicants who have applied for a fall start. Students can view their application status on their MyCampus account. 

What is the cut-off average for acceptance in each program?

The specific average or standing required for admission varies from year to year. Learn more about the expected cut-off average and last year’s cut-off for each program by searching specific programs.

Where can my student find information on program or course prerequisites?

Please see the prerequisites chart for program-specific admission requirements. 

Can my student defer his or her acceptance?

Yes. Applicants who are offered admission may apply to defer their application or their offer of admission by a period of 12 months. Where an application is deferred, the applicant will not have to re-apply but will be reassessed for admissibility on a competitive basis in the relevant admission period. A request for deferral of application or deferral of offer must be made in writing to the Registrar's office.


My student will be commuting to school; where will he or she spend time in between classes?

There are a variety of spaces available on campus for students in between classes. Students can spend their time in:

  • Campus Library
  • Campus Recreation and Wellness Centre
  • cafeteria
  • Student Centre
  • one of the many study rooms and spaces available on campus
Is there parking available on campus?

Yes, there is short-term and daily parking available. If your student will be driving often, it may be less costly to purchase an annual or semi-annual parking permit. Learn more about parking services.  

Where can my student find information about bus routes?

To learn more about transit, please visit the Durham Regional Transit and GO Transit websites.


 What supports are available if my student is experiencing difficulty?

There are a variety of supports available for your student depending on their identified needs, including:

  • academic advisors
  • career counsellors
  • counsellors
  • disability services
  • elders
  • peer mentors
  • peer tutors

See the Student support section of this website for more information.

What jobs are offered on campus for students?

The Ontario Work Study Program (OWSP) is designed to assist full-time university students by providing part-time employment on campus. Funding for the program is provided by the provincial government. Jobs available through the work study program are available on the Career services website.

Can my student receive credit for a semester abroad?

Yes, students can apply for a letter of permission from UOIT to ensure courses taken at the host institution will be recognized for credit. Your student can find this form on the Study abroad website.  

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