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Student confidentiality

Accessing information about your student in university may be very different than what you are accustomed to if your student is entering UOIT following high school. You may be accustomed to receiving report cards at regular intervals or calls from the institution regarding any issues. At UOIT, communication regarding your student takes place with the student directly. In accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA), UOIT does not release any information about a student’s academic record to their parent or guardian if that access has not been authorized by the student.

FIPPA prevents UOIT from releasing personal information, defined as factual or subjective data that makes a person uniquely identifiable, to anyone without express consent. The Act protects the privacy of your student, while also providing a right of access for your student to information about them in the University’s custody. The Act ensures that:

  • Individuals have the right to access their own personal information at the university
  • The public has the right to access non-personal information in university-controlled records
  • Standards are established for the collection, use, disclosure and destruction of personal information

Among many other things, this allows students to access information about their own grades, allows potential future employers to confirm enrolment or graduation in a specific program and ensures consistency regarding information management in all Ontario universities.

Emergency disclosure is a common concern that arises when learning about FIPPA. This was considered in the development of the Act. In the unlikely event that an issue should occur, FIPPA does allow the disclosure of personal information:

  • in compelling circumstances affecting the health or safety of an individual
  • in compassionate circumstances, to facilitate contact with the spouse, parents, guardian of an individual who is injured, ill or deceased

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