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Getting ready

During this time, students are preparing to begin university life. Some students may be preparing to move away from home, relocating to a new country or establishing a new routine. For all students, this is a time of transition. This may also be a period of change for friends and family.

Students may be:

  • Excited about the future and meeting new people: UOIT has a large and diverse population. This presents an excellent opportunity for students to make new friends, learn from their peers and expand their knowledge.
  • Saying goodbye to friends: The student may be moving away from friends, or spending more time in the university environment. Long-distance friendships can begin to change as individuals continue to explore their values and refine their interpersonal skills.
  • Nervous about academic expectations: University is very different from high school. It is common for students to experience larger classes, heavier workloads and multiple demands.
  • Navigating changing family dynamics: Whether a student is living at home or away from home, their university experience will have an impact on many aspects of their lives, including their daily and weekly schedules. Students may have classes later in the evenings on some days, or no classes at all on other days. 
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