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Second semester

Students often return to university in the second semester with a better understanding of what to expect. Many of the themes and experiences outlined in the first semester section may come up in second semester as students continue to explore their new environment and develop their independence. They will also likely begin to prepare for the upcoming summer and the academic year to follow; these times will arrive quickly!

Students may be:

  • Excited to start new classes and implement new habits: Students are eager to implement what they learned in the first semester. The new semester can provide a fresh start.
  • Starting thinking about where to live next year: As friendships continue to develop and the academic year moves towards completion, your student may be making decisions about the following year and securing a place to live.
  • Experiencing financial burdens and planning for next year: As the end of the academic year approaches, students' funds may be increasingly depleted, which may influence how their money is spent over the summer and in the next year.
  • Thinking about summer employment and exploring internship possibilities: Many resources and events are available on campus during this time to assist your student in finding a meaningful work experience.
  • Anxious about doing well: As the academic year draws to a close, students may start to feel the pressure to maintain or increase their grades. A student's GPA is often linked to scholarship and co-op opportunities.
  • Looking forward to a break from academics: As the warm weather approaches, students may be excited about returning home or reuniting with friends. They are often looking forward to a break from their academics following exams and final projects.
  • Feeling the demands of multiple activities while preparing for exams: By the end of the school year students have often become more involved on campus, and may find it difficult to balance these activities with their studies as exams approach.
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