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How can the SLC staff work with faculty?


Beyond offering students self-access resources, Student Learning Centre (SLC) staff also work with individual faculty members upon request. This support comes in the form of:

  • assignment planning
  • in-class workshops
  • Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS)
  • referrals
  • subject-specific resources
  • support for bilingual and multilingual (ESL/EAL) students


The SLC team can develop workshops to supplement your course curriculum. Our support in writing, ESL/EAL, math, study skills and physics can complement your curriculum. Workshops may be delivered at a time that is convenient for your students.

The SLC workshops are in addition to course work and will help students further develop a specific set of skills to enhance their academic success. The workshop content is not a substitute for the course curriculum.

Please provide at least two weeks' notice to schedule an in-class workshop or contact the SLC at least three weeks in advance for a customized workshop request. 


User statistics show many students use our help based on their professors' referrals. We appreciate the support of faculty recommending and promoting our services to their students.

Here is a three-minute video introducing the SLC to students, which you could use in class or link to on your Blackboard page.


Students whose education was not previously in English, or who are affected by factors such as their home language, immigration and overseas study, may require additional language support.

The Student Learning Centre provides specific support in the form of:

  • Writing and ESL Specialists
  • Conversation Café, which provides bilingual/multilingual students with an opportunity to practice English speaking and listening skills


PASS allows students to study and learn in a group environment. It integrates course content with study skills and has been shown to be an effective way of improving grades. 

Contact Candace Chard, Peer Learning Co-ordinator, if you are interested in PASS for your course.


Academic Subject Specialists can provide comments on your assignment to enhance student understanding. An Academic Subject Specialist can review the assignment and recommend enhancements that can improve the student’s output. The feedback is meant to be additional input on assessment design. Clear wording, expectations and a defined process will benefit both the students and the professor.

Requests require at least two weeks' notice to ensure appropriate time for careful input.


At the north Oshawa location, all of our services are located in the Student Life Building.

At the downtown Oshawa location, we are on the second floor of the 61 Charles Street Building, in Student Life (Room 225).


There are a few important policies of which you and your students should be aware:

  • For writing/study Skills appointments: Student may have up to two sessions per week with a semester total of 12 sessions.
  • For math/physics/engineering appointments: Students may have one session per week with a semester total of six sessions. If a student uses all six appointments, a referral will then be made to the appropriate peer support service.
  • For peer tutor appointments: Students are allowed a maximum of 12 sessions per semester.
  • Appointments can be booked online or in person at least 24 hours in advance.
  • The SLC will not help students with assignments due on the same day.
  • The SLC does not edit or correct assignments.
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