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Faculty FAQs

Why was my course selected for PASS?

The Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) program supports historically difficult courses where students find course content to be particularly challenging. It is designed to support you and help students understand the course material in a fun and interactive way in sessions led by upper year students. Difficult subjects are selected based on what is being taught, not the manner in which it is being taught.

How are PASS leaders chosen?

PASS leaders are upper year students who have achieved an A in the course. They are recommended by faculty members and participate in a comprehensive two day training program in addition to receiving ongoing training and monitoring. 

What will I be required to do?

PASS is not intended to create more work for faculty members. Instructors grant time for occasional announcements during lectures and support the program by encouraging students to attend PASS sessions.

What should I expect from a PASS leader?

PASS leaders attend all lectures and maintain academic integrity and a professional attitude. They discourage students from attending PASS as a substitute for lectures. Leaders will not work on assignments in sessions.

What should I expect from the PASS Program?

The PASS Program Co-ordinator will:

  • Train all PASS leaders according to established guidelines and standards
  • Monitor the activities and presentation of PASS leaders by attending occasional PASS sessions
  • Assist with planning sessions and supervise PASS leaders' performance
  • Provide supplies and training
  • Provide faculty members with an end-of-term comparative analysis of student performance
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