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What is a Peer Assisted Study Session (PASS)?

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) are weekly review sessions that are available to students in historically challenging courses. Sessions are informal, fun and interactive! They are designed to help students succeed by improving understanding of course material, developing study strategies, and preparing for tests and exams.

It’s combining knowing what to learn…with how to learn!

Attendance is completely voluntary. Bring your notes, textbook and questions. 

These voluntary sessions provide students with an opportunity to:

  • Ask questions 
  • Compare lecture notes
  • Discuss course content
  • Solve practice problems
  • Study smarter
  • Interact with other students

Come ready to learn…be prepared to achieve!

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What is a PASS leader?

PASS sessions are led by trained peer facilitators, known as PASS leaders. These are students who have already taken the class they will be facilitating and have earned an A in the course. They attend every class all over again! They hear what students hear and read what students read. PASS leaders are eager to share their knowledge and experiences to help their peers learn. PASS leaders actively involve attendees, demonstrate effective study strategies and target difficult course material every week, utilizing a variety of methods and tools. PASS leaders do not teach or introduce new material. Rather, their role is to facilitate insightful discussion among student participants, to help students think about their learning and to provide them with opportunities to review with other students in an organized environment.

PASS works!

If students attend PASS regularly, they gain a better understanding of course content, earn better grades and learn useful study strategies for other courses.

Studies show students who attend PASS are more likely to earn better grades than if they did not attend. 

The end result: the more PASS, the better!

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