PASS Schedule

PASS support for Fall Term 2018

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) are offered this term.

When does PASS start?

Sessions begin the first or second week of classes.

How often is PASS offered?

The PASS Leader will provide review sessions every week at times that best fit students' schedules. You can attend as many sessions as you want - it’s your choice! Every session will be different, guaranteed. Check the schedule for details.

Course Code Course Name PASS Leader Day Time Location
BIOL1010U/BIOL1011U Biology I/Intro Cell
& Mol Bio
Hafsa Wed. 5:10-6:30 ERC 1094
Fri. 2:10-3:30 SIRC 3110
BIOL1841U Essentials of Biology Sivim Tues. 3:40-5:00 UL 10
Thurs. 5:10-6:30 ERC 1094
BIOL2030U Cell Biology Sarah Mon. 5:10-6:30 ERC 1056
Thurs. 5:10-6:30 UL 10
CHEM1010U Chemistry I Fatimah Tues. 11:10-12:30 UA 3220
Wed. 11:10-12:30 UA 3140
CHEM2020U Intro. to Organic Chemistry Danielle Mon. 5:10-6:30 UA 3120
Wed. 5:10-6:30 ERC 1092
ELEE2200U Electrical Engineering
Chunhui Mon. 6:40-8:00 ERC 1094
Wed. 5:10-6:30 ERC 1096
HLSC1200U Anatomy & Physiology I Megan Wed. 3:40-5:00 SIRC 2020A
Fri. 11:10-12:30 UL 13 (Math Study Hall)
MATH1010U Calculus I Anton Tues. 5:10-6:30 UA 3220
Thurs. 5:10-6:30 South Village Rez, 4th floor lounge
MATH2860U Differential Equations Iman Tues. 12:40-2:00 UB 2050
Thurs. 3:40-5:00 SIRC 1350
MECE2230U Statics Kifah Tues. 5:40-7:00 UB 2050
Wed. 5:10-6:30 UA 3220
SOFE2710U Object Orient. Prog and
Jamieson Mon. 5:40-7:00 SIRC 2020A
Thurs. 5:40-7:00 ERC 1092