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Peer tutor services

Download List of Available Courses for Peer Tutoring

UOIT's Peer Tutor program offers undergraduate students the opportunity to work one-on-one with a trained peer tutor. Students are encouraged to bring their homework and assignments and seek focused assistance on difficult questions and concepts. Peer tutoring allows students to receive help based on their individual needs, at an appropriate pace and level of instruction.

Peer tutors are a valuable resource; they can provide students with information regarding the requirements and conventions of particular programs or courses. However, they do not teach the material to the tutee; rather, they review the concepts by providing explanation and/or demonstration where appropriate. Students can either work with a peer tutor or join a group of other students who are being coached by a peer tutor. 

Peer tutors may not be experienced in all of the areas where a student may have concerns. Therefore, students may be referred to their professors or to the SLC academic subject specialists when appropriate.

One-on-one peer tutorials

One-on-one tutorials offer students the opportunity to meet with a peer tutor to review difficult concepts at the appropriate pace and level of instruction. Students may book an appointment online or by phone at 905.721.8668 ext. 6578. Students must specify the exact area of difficulty when booking an online appointment, and must come prepared to the appointment with relevant textbooks, lecture notes and other course-related materials. Appointments are 45 minutes in length.

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