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"The SLC is such a great help! I love the atmosphere."
     - Natalie

"So much help! I love this place! Thank God for the SLC."
     - Nicholas

"Love the SLC - such a wonderful place for learning."
     - Sarah

"A great atmosphere for learning; everyone is so friendly!"
     - Nicole

"I got great help from the staff at this office; I have gained valuable experience which has improved my skills academically! The workshops are great! I love it!"
     - Pratha

"Excellent resource offered here; very valuable information on essay structure, thesis, APA, and bibliographies."
     - Chantelle

"Everyone here is doing a great job. Every time I come it is an amazing experience. Excellent work - thank you."
     - Naim Ricardo Halal Rossie

"I find Conversation Café is the best place to meet new friends and interact with them outside your daily work. I feel happy to share my feelings and experiences with people around here."
     - Veena  

"The tutor I had was very patient with me, in showing all the steps even though I wasn’t getting it. Thanks to him I understand it now."
     - Israel O.

"I went from failing Calculus II to getting an A+. It’s really just as simple as that! Make an appointment now!!"
     - Anastasia

"The Student Learning Centre has helped me develop vital new skills in writing and apply this knowledge to communicate more effectively. This centre has professional, dedicated and friendly staff that can help and advise you to reach your goals. If you are planning to succeed, you may want to seek help from the Student Learning Centre."
     - Wargha 

"I just want to say thank you for having representatives from the Student Learning Centre come into today's class to speak about writing skills. Their strategies have helped me in my Praxis assignment. Thank you."
     - Emily Harrilal 

"I have been coming to the Student Learning Centre for the past month. The math specialist has been my tutor and she is amazing. She has been so patient and takes the time to listen to my struggles. She makes the work very easy to understand."
     - Laure Willis 

"I was so lost about academic writing and I was so scared. I did not know how to paraphrase or how to plan my paper and I had no clue how to write a thesis statement. The writing specialist taught me all of these in two sessions and gave me so much confidence! I feel I'm on a right path now and cannot wait to hand in my first major paper assignment. I want to thank all of you for your kindness and support."
     - Anonymous 

"To be honest with you, it would have been difficult for me to pass the course without your help. Thanks for all your help."
     - Iftikhar
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